Secret Jungle

Last week I received some inquiries about the free pattern created for Clothworks’ collection, Secret Jungle, from 2009.

Candice Hoffman, director of Clothworks Textiles, kindly supplied the link to download the free pattern again and I put it in the January 2009 post.

I asked to see the creations the quilters made with the pattern. Janice Williams emailed with her quilt that she has just finished for her grandson who will be 12 years old, living in the UK

secret jungle

I love it! Boys love black and white prints and the bright frames really show off the fabrics! Great job!

Looking forward to seeing more of your quilts!

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2 Responses to “Secret Jungle”

  1. jessica says:

    Isn’t it great-looking! Makes me want to make one with the black background too!

    Incredible teamwork getting the pattern back up – Thank you for your help!

    I’m liking your blog so much that I’m adding you to my ‘Quilted Window’ (blog list).

    Enjoy your Sewing!
    ~ Jessica

  2. Rochelle says:

    Great! We love having all of you read our posts. And the design is up to date-from five years ago!

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